S K I F seed for peace

"...the privilege of making a difference, of introducing an element of unpredictability into the order of things.  It is this, I believe, that makes us free."

Alessandro Benetton

We make great clothes for great people

Welcome to 
the "Happy circle of S K I F"

The work space and showroom is open to the public Monday through Saturday 10am-5pm. 

Located on The Hill at 2008 Marconi ave. St. Louis Missouri 63110.

The factory is also a boutique, showcasing the work of other local designers and unique originals.  Everyone is welcome to visit and be part of the energy.

"We love our clothes and the people who wear them." 

  People who wear S K I F have an easy and comfortable confidence that shines through.  They are fabulous, and they are our inspiration and reason for making more, one at a time.  

"Every body is a sweater designer"

That is how we describe the way our customers interpret the look.

The function of S K I F is adaptable like feathers on a bird, it conforms to your body. 

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