SKIF International has recently combined production and retail in University
City’s International District. The studio is bustling with new activity and
surprise appearances. With respect for our environment and nature, SKIF
keeps shinning a light to the future. From the sweater geometry and yarns, to
the painted shirts and menswear prints, SKIF is committed to joyful freedom
now. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to feel and be your best.
Everyday is a good day to be in SKIF. The studio is open for personal
shopping and filled with apparel for all sizes and seasons.
SKIF’s impact on the St. Louis community, and the clothing business, has
been felt for over 20 years. Owner Nina Ganci reveals that the move to
University City feels like a new start in many ways. The process of making
garments has a deeper meaning. The speed is slower and intentional, the
artisan look of each piece is precise. All garments SKIF produces, are a seed
for peace. We can make that statement, because every style in our line is
made with love and integrity in our studio, or at a team members workshop.
When people are wearing good comfortable clothing, their vibe is happy and
that spreads out into our world.
Everyone can find something that speaks to them, or it can be made. SKIF
fans gravitate to the distinct, fun, and immediately recognizable details of the
garments. “There is no IF about SKIF” according to artist and poet, Ginger.
“I wear SKIF every day for style and comfort. It allows my personality to
shine through because no two people look the same in SKIF,” says Susan,
artist and activist.
Karen, who has worn the brand for over a decade, notes that she gets
compliments constantly including being stopped by strangers. “It’s the fresh,
distinctive designs that keep me coming back and adding to my collection.”
Paulette, notes, “It’s personal. SKIF is my uniform—from casual to dressy.
Every SKIF piece I wear is unique and uniquely mine.”
Walking on the street in SOHO, NYC , Kathie and another woman looked at
each other, thumbs up, and together, at the same time, said “SKIF!”
“I feel the very best version of myself when wearing SKIF—seriously playful,
comfortably rebellious, and appropriately ferocious.”
Lauren, music producer
Everyone is welcome to be part of the fun.
Call for an appointment to visit: 314 773-4401.
We are located at 8100 Olive Blvd. (at 81st), University City, MO 63130.
Please wear your mask.
Visit online: www.skifo.com, and on Instagram #skifintl

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