Interview Questions for Nina Ganci:  


1. How long have you been a designer and what is your earliest memory?

When I was a child I had this simple wish to re-shape things like door knobs, faucets, and tubs. I was constantly envisioning fixtures and tile designs for the home and office. Now at Skif, I do things in reverse. Take a look at what we have, get in it, imagine how it will play on other bodies. If it is surprising or useful and fun then it becomes what it is. Its an improvisational happening. Playful accidents happen. Consistently reimagined, always with an open mind and clear understanding that it must fit an individual body and soul.  

2. Where do you find inspiration?

Music, nature, and this year for the first time, poetry. Design is actually something from the inside that is drawn outward . In 2020, the idea is throw a work party, and use everything I have collected over the years, ideas, supplies, and materials. If there is ever a time to do that, it is now.

3. What is your favorite part of being a designer?

I get to make and wear what I envision, and that gives me the ideas for what is next.

4. What is your definition of fashion?

The way we all agree to look like in the world we share.

5. How do you want people to feel when wearing your clothes?

Confident, courageous, comfortable, beautiful and Free.

6. How do you stay up to date with fashion trends?

I let it go. That’s the past.

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